Epiphany in Prague, 2015

befunky_3-kingsparade-005 Prague 2015

befunky_3-kings parade-004 Prague 2015

befunky_2 3-kings parade Prague 2015

befunky_3-kings parade Prague 2015

These wonderful photos of the Parade of the Three Kings (held in Prague this past week, on January 6) were taken by the good folks at the Czechrus website. This is one of the blogs about contemporary life in Prague and the Czech Republic that I follow. Another one is by Ricky Yates. If you are interested in what’s going on in Prague these days — in addition to what went on in the 1350s or the summer of 2002, as described in Come Hell or High Water — you should look at these two blogs. If you do, tell them I sent you! 🙂

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