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  1. Hi Stephen,

    Met you at Readers Studio 2014. I bought the 1st volume of your trilogy there and was lucky enough to have you sign it for me. I have gone thru volume 1 and ordered volume 2 thru Amazon and have started that. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying it!!! I love the fact that you incorporate the Tarot throughout. Also, I am enjoying learning about Prague. I have never been there, but am now inspired to go!! I have been checking out the sites you mention in your books on the internet so I get a sense of where the action is occurring.

    Also, I was raised Roman Catholic ( although certainly not participating in all that at this time in my life ), but I find the religious references and ritual very interesting. I also have read that you were once a priest and were wondering if you were a catholic priest or some other denomination?

    Anyway, thank you for writing this story and I wish you best wishes in all your future endeavors! Take care. Bright Blessings, Peace and Joy, John Sorbo

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