Stephen Morris authors historical fantasy books and urban fantasy books that spellbind readers. His occult magic books also feature compelling storylines and characters.

If you are a fan of historical fantasy books or of urban fantasy books, you will enjoy Stephen Morris’s work immensely. His captivating storylines and characters will have you craving more from the time you put down your first title. Morris regularly releases new work, so check back frequently to read about his latest endeavors. Furthermore, you can read reviews of current titles and learn more about Morris’s work and upcoming appearances on this site. In addition to his fantasy tales, Morris pens occult magic books that transport readers to the dark side of life. If you’ve been looking for a new author who you can enjoy for years and years to come, Stephen Morris is the perfect candidate.

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Novels Available:

Storm Wolf — available NOW!

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“Libahunt!” Alexei breaks the terms of the wolf-magic he inherited from his grandfather and loses the ability to control the shapeshifting, becoming a killer and slaughtering his neighbors, his friends — even his family. His grandfather’s magical wolf-pelt was meant to protect their rural village in 1880s Estonia by fighting the terrible storms in the sky that could devastate the farms and fields but instead it drives Alexei to kill with impunity. Heartbroken at what he has become, Alexei flees his home and wanders through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Bohemia. He encounters the Master of Wolves who forces him to terrorize local farmers and the infamous Frau Bertha with her belt of sailor-skin to trap those who anger her in the form of wolves. Dare he hope to ever find an enchanter who can free him from the curse?


“Morris’ werewolf isn’t a fur-coated romantic, but a refreshingly murky protagonist who’s both flawed and sympathetic; he kills innocents, but never intentionally. There are quite a few werewolf onslaughts, which the author unflinchingly portrays as bloody and brutal…. A dark supernatural outing, featuring indelible characters as sharp as wolves’ teeth.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“…a unique weaving together and retelling of central and eastern European werewolf folk tales. Set in 1890, when such tales were still being told, Storm Wolf stands apart from contemporary myth and legend retellings… The magic—Alexei’s battles with storm creatures, the conjuring of a snake demon from pipe smoke, a witch’s talisman of skin stripped from a sailor—is extraordinarily well imagined and described here. Dollops of regional history and glimpses of customs and legends are fascinating.” (Blue Ink Reviews)

“Filled with details that make for a sincerely rendered world, peopled with characters who breathe; STORM WOLF is a thoughtfully constructed fantasy tale filled with emotion and action.” – Indie Reader

“… Morris’ narrative follows typical folktale storytelling. Replete with all the whimsical trappings, readers can expect a flurry of surprises amid anticipated scenes. A fantastical read that appeals to young and old alike.” — Red City Review

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Come Hell or High Water, Part 1: Wellspring, Out Now!
Come Hell or High Water, Part 2: Rising, Out Now!
Come Hell or High Water, Part 3: Deluge, Out Now! 

Come Hell or High Water: The Complete Trilogy, Out Now!

The Come Hell or High Water books, “an engaging, suspenseful occult series,” released in 2012-2013, have each received excellent reviews! Read the reviews here.

I have several forthcoming books planned. Each will be an occult thriller, an urban fantasy, an historical tour de force! Many will be set in Prague, though at least one will be set in Salzburg and other cities are also possibilities. Ottoman Turks, an evil djinn and Prague’s role in providing the Muslim empire with castrated male slaves will appear in one. Some will involve the academics from the Evil and Monsters Conferences. Some will be set entirely in prior time periods and the Evil academics will therefore be unable to be part of those stories. Most will include authentic legends of the locales in which they are set and all will include authentic magical practices. Projected titles include:

Devil’s Stream, TBA

Earth to Earth, Ashes to AshesTBA

Irons in the Fire, TBA

An Ill WindTBA

Devil’s FieldTBA

Magic Jack, TBA

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